Transfer FAQ’s

What should I do if I have trouble enrolling?
  • If the system is not recognizing your prerequisite courses or you have other problems enrolling, you must contact the department offering the course for help.
  • Click on “Enrollment Contacts” to find the appropriate contact information. (You must log into Google with your NCSU credentials.)
What are the LSC101 and LSC103 classes, and when will I take those?
  • Students who begin their college career with an interest in the Life Sciences start at NC State in the Life Sciences First Year program, and LSC101 and LSC103 are courses offered only to these students.
  • As a transfer student, you will take BSC303 Transfer Student Transitions instead of LSC103
  • Any course on the NC State GEP-Interdisciplinary Studies will fulfill your LSC101 requirement.
Who is my advisor?

You will be assigned an advisor before your first term begins, and will be contacted by that person as soon as possible. In the meantime, email the person who has been corresponding with you about enrollment.

Have questions not related to enrollment?
  • Check out NC State’s general Transfer Services Center.
  • If that doesn’t have your answer, we’re happy to help!
  • Or you can reach out to one of our BioSci Transfer Student Peer Mentors (Emily Williamson: