Welcome to the Wolfpack!

Here are the steps to follow to get enrolled in your first term at NC State as soon as possible!

  • First, fill out the New Transfer Student Information form so our advisors can best recommend a course schedule for you.
  • Next, familiarize yourself with your degree audit – which is the official list of the required courses to earn your degree. This will be a very important tool for you throughout your college career.
  • Wait for an email from an advisor. This can take some time because…
    • First, we must be sure that your transfer credit has been fully uploaded before we can start making course recommendations.
    • Next, we must analyze your coursework to know how it will apply to your degree requirements.
    • Last, we will make course recommendations and release your advising hold.
    • Consider these courses when you’re selecting classes
    • Instructions for enrolling (after you have heard from us).
  • We are happy to schedule a time to meet with you in person or over the phone before the Spring 2020 semester begins!

Our department has a wonderful group of transfer student peer mentors who can help you acclimate to NC State!