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Enrollment Contacts

Students:  If you have problems getting into a class for which you have met the prerequisites and restrictions, please contact the program offering that class, using the information below.  Include your name, student ID, and preferred section(s) — lecture, lab, and problem session, as appropriate — in your communications.

Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics Students who aren’t able to enroll themselves in the appropriate MA, PY, or ST course due to issues with prerequisites or other problems should be directed to the forms below. 

Animal Sciences – Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator for Transfer Students

Phone:  919-515-4010

Dr. Jeanette Moore

342E Riddick Hall


Animal Sciences – Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator

Phone: 919-513-7488

Dr. Melissa Merrill

232C Polk Hall


Biology, Zoology and Microbiology

Phone:  919-515-3341

2727 Bostian Hall



Phone:  919-515-5683

Tiayonna Liska

128 Polk Hall



Or one of the undergraduate coordinators:


Phone:  919-515-4110

Iyana Porter

246 Tompkins Hall


Foreign Languages and Literatures

Phone:  919-515-2475

Valerie Batta

310 Withers Hall



Phone: 919-515-2528

5109 SAS Hall



Dr. Betty Gardner

2532 Thomas Hall


History – Undergraduate Program Student Services

Phone: 919-513-2242

Norene Miller

359 Withers Hall


Marine Earth & Atmospheric Sciences– Asst Director of Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 919-513-1093

Maggie Puryear

1113 Jordan Hall


Math – Undergraduate and Financial Math Secretary

Phone: 919-513-2298

Mrs. Di Bucklad

2108 SAS Hall


Interdisciplinary Studies – Undergraduate Student Services Specialist

Phone:  919-515-6964

Bruce Cheek


Health and Exercise Studies

Phone:  919-515-6964

Katherine Klinger

2000 Carmichael Gym



Phone:  919-515-2521

Keith Warren

421 Riddick Hall


Plant and Microbial Biology- Administrative Support Specialist

Phone:  919-513-3806

Sue Vitello

2115 Gardner Hall



Phone:  919-513-4855

Dana Kotter

639 Poe Hall


Philosophy & Religious Studies

Phone: 919-515-3214

340 Withers Hall