Preparing for Advising

Expect an email from your advisor regarding:

  • How to schedule an advising appointment
  • How to prepare for your appointment
  • What to bring with you to your appointment

To get the most out of enrollment advising:

  • Be ready to discuss:
    • Any challenges or difficulties you are facing this term in class or out.  Your advisor can refer you to resources that may help
    • Updates to your career goals. A longer meeting at another time may be necessary for your advisor to go in depth with you, but career goals can drive course selection so it’s important to update your advisor each time you meet. (Also see Career Advising)
    • Long-term plans for completing your degree requirements
    • Courses for the upcoming term(s).  Have courses in your shopping cart and planner so you can know if they will create a good schedule (using the shopping cart) and how they’ll fit into your degree (by looked at them, planned, on your degree audit)
    • Course placement on your degree audit, especially if they are not falling where you expected
    • Possible Grade Exclusions
  • Recognize what is urgent vs. what is important
    • Urgent items (those above) definitely need to be discussed during Registration Advising.
    • Important but less urgent items might need to wait if your advisor has limited time due to many advisees. While you’re meeting with your advisor for Registration Advising, schedule a follow-up appointment!
  • Other things your advisor can discuss with you, but might require another meeting:
    • Interest in Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Co-Op, Volunteering, or Internships