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Expect an email from your advisor several weeks before you can start enrolling regarding:

  • How to schedule an advising appointment
  • How to prepare for your appointment
  • What to bring with you to your appointment

To get the most our ot advising:

Talk to your advisor about more than just course selection! Prepare a list of items you want to discuss, such as…

  • Your career goals – What does your advisor suggest as you explore options and prepare for your career? (Also see Career Advising).
  • Any challenges or difficulties you are facing this term in class or out.  Your advisor can refer you to resources that may help.
  • Degree Requirements, and your long-term plan for completing them.
  • Courses for the upcoming terms.  Is your load reasonable?  Have you met the pre-requisites?
  • Course placement on your degree audit, especially if they are not falling where you expected.
  • Possible Grade Exclusions.
  • Interest in Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Co-Op, Volunteering, or Internships.

Enrollment Tips!

  • Graduating in Spring 2018?  Complete a Graduation Application through MyPack when you enroll.
  • Now is a great time to declare a minor if you are interested in one.
  • Need help getting into a course?  Contact the department offering the class.
  • Subscribe to our Google Group to stay in the know!

More helpful tools and resources

  • The University’s comprehensive online guide to enrollment
  • How do I use a degree audit? (The degree audit is THE tool to use to check that you have met/planned/enrolled in the requirements for your degree!)
  • What is the Pack PlannerCreate and maintain your online “Pack Planner” through graduation  to take ownership of your degree progress and allow you and your advisor to discuss your time to graduation. Please note that the Pack Planner does not prompt you to plan GEP Co-reqs including Foreign Language Proficiency, US Diversity, and Global Knowledge. If you have not planned nor enrolled/taken one of these, you will see a red “X” on your degree audit.
  • What are holds, prerequisites, and restrictions
  • How do I use the enrollment Wizard?  Search for classes using your degree planner, or filter by such things as courses that fit your schedule, are open, and fulfill a certain degree requirement.
  • What is the Shopping Cart in MyPack?  Fill your shopping cart in MyPack before your advising meeting.  If your shopping cart and planner match, it will be easier to confirm how the courses in your shopping cart will count toward your degree.
  • Highlighted Course Offerings