Fall 2020 Extended S/U and Late Drop Policy

If you are considering using the extended S/U grading or late drop option as elaborated in the webpages and memo below, please first read through these policies carefully and reach out to your academic advisor with questions.  Seniors and international students, see added notes at the end.

Extended s/u grading option

Explanation and FAQ of extended S/U grading option

  • Here are some important, key points to keep in mind about the new S/U grading option for students:
    • The grading option can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses
    • The S/U grade will not carry grade points and will not impact your cumulative GPA
    • A grade of S will be assigned by the course instructor when the work is judged to be of C- quality or better
    • A grade of S will fulfill degree requirements, C-wall requirements, CODA requirements, prerequisites for future courses at NC State, and will not count toward the allowable limit of S/U course completions
    • A grade of U will not earn credit and will not affect a student’s GPA, though it will be used in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations at the end of the term
    • If you are considering switching a professional school prerequisite to S/U, be sure to review information on this page before doing so.  When in doubt, check with specific professional schools and talk to your advisor.
    • Students will have the option of switching to this S/U grading basis until December 23rd, which is well after the Fall 2020 semester has ended and most grades have been submitted. We suggest that students consult with their academic advisor(s) and/or instructor(s) before making this change, as it cannot be reversed.
    • If you changed a course to the new enhanced S/U grading system, then earned a U, you are still able to change that U to a W per the late drop.  A good reason to do this is for financial aid.  As of now, the U grade will count as an attempt and affect financial aid, while the W will not count towards the 16 credits and not affect their FA.  A W also looks better than a U for graduate and professional school applications.


Explanation and FAQ of extended drop option

The online late drop request is now available for students who are unable to continue in a particular course. While this is not a preferred option, we realize circumstances might make it difficult to continue enrollment in a course. This online request will be available to students through December 23rd, 2020.

  • Here are some important, key points to keep in mind about the new late drop options for students:
  • The late drop option is available to all students
  • It is important to consult with the instructor and your advisor before dropping any course
  • The drop is not automatic and will go through an approval process before being finalized
  • W grades will be assigned, but will not ultimately count toward the 16-hour maximum for undergraduate students

For Fall 2020 Graduates:

Once your degree has been posted, you will no longer be able to submit an S/U or late drop request. It is important to ensure all requests are submitted prior to the beginning of degree posting.

Graduation clearance and the posting of degrees runs for 30 days after commencement in order for late grades to be posted, transfer credit received and processed, and the resolution of other issues or requirements. It is advisable for graduating seniors to sign up for the text messaging service that lets you know when a grade has been posted if you are considering a late drop in a course based on the grade received. You can sign up for this service in your MyPack Portal: Student Homepage > Personal Information tile > Text/Email Notification Setup.

For International Students: 

Will courses graded as S/U still count towards international students’ ‘full-time’ enrollment requirements?

Yes. A change to S/U grading for a course does not impact a student’s enrollment in that course. Changing to S/U will not drop a student’s enrollment to part-time status, as this is a change in grading and not a change in enrollment.

Can an international student use the late drop option if doing so puts them below the required minimum credits for full-time enrollment?

International students are required to be enrolled full-time for the duration of a semester. Students cannot maintain their immigration status and drop below full-time unless they are approved for a Reduced Course Load. However, once a semester is finished, students have already met their enrollment requirement. If an international student wishes to utilize the Fall 2020 Late Drop option, there is nothing to prevent that student from dropping below full-time after the semester is finished. Therefore, an international student CAN drop below full-time and not compromise their immigration status, as long as they pursue the drop no sooner than November 23rd.

Additional information about international students’ enrollment requirements are posted on the OIS website. Should you or your advisees have any questions about immigration implications of various enrollment actions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Additionally, Tony Shurer, Academic Coordinator for International Student Support is an excellent resource for you and/or your advisees. You can reach Tony at ajshurer@ncsu.edu.