PB (Plant Biology) 215 – Medicinal Plants

PB (Plant Biology) 215 – Medicinal Plants is a 3 credit course being offered this fall from 1:55-2:45 MWF and there are still seats available. This course discusses plants and their derived pharmaceuticals in Western medicine and in herbal medicine. Flyer is attached.

Taught by Dr. Deyu Xie, the course content includes:

Study Methods

  1. Lectures
  2. campus walk of medicinal plants
  3. student presentation
  4. research and writing on medicinal plants
  5. homework, and exams

Lecture study: four modules

  1. Module I: history, ethnobotany, and principles of plant identification.
  2. Module II: Medicinal Natural Products of Plants and Medicinal Plants (presented by students).
  3. Module III: Interaction of Medicinal Plants and Nervous System.
  4. Module IV: Anticardiovascular disease, Anti-cancer, Anti-malarial, and anti-other disease medicinal plants.
Course Prereq: CH 101 and any one of the following courses: BIO 125, BIO 181, PB 200, ZO 150, ZO 160 or by permission of the instructor.