Still looking for an upper-level course?

As of today (April 9) there are seats remaining in many Fall courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences. Some upper level ones are highlighted below:

BIO Prefix Courses:

  • BIO361 Developmental Biology
  • BIO414 Cell Biology
  • BIO483-010 Biology of Mental Illness
  • BIO488 Neurobiology
  • BIO424 Endocrinology
  • BIO483-009 Genetic Engineering Approaches to Infectious Disease
  • BIO484 Fetal Basis of Adult Disease

BSC Prefix Courses

  • BSC495–083 Microbial Symbiosis & Microbiomes
  • BSC495-090 Neuromuscular Physiology
  • BSC495-092 Paleoecology
  • BSC514 Studying Animal Behavior

GN Prefix Courses:

  • GN301 Genetics in Human Affairs
  • GN421 Molecular Genetics
  • GN425 Advanced Genetics Laboratory
  • GN434 Genes and Development

GPH Prefix Courses:

  • GPH201 Fundamentals of Global Public Health

MB Prefix Courses:

  • MB351 General Microbiology, MB352 General Micro Lab, & MB354 Inquiry-Guided Micro Lab
  • MB360 Scientific Inquiry at the Bench (can count as External Learning Experience for Biological Sciences w/no concentration!)
  • MB411 Medical Microbiology
  • MB414 Microbial Metabolic Regulation
  • MB420 Fundamentals of Microbial Cell Biotransformations
  • MB441 Immunology
  • MB451 Microbial Diversity
  • MB452 Microbial Biodiversity Lab

ZO Prefix Courses:

  • ZO233 Human-Animal Interactions
  • ZO402 Invertebrate Zoology
  • ZO250 Animal Anatomy & Physiology
  • ZO410 Introduction to Animal Behavior

TOX Prefix Courses

  • TOX415 Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry